Arale Norimaki Figure Dr Slump Q Posket

Arale Norimaki Figure Dr Slump Q Posket

The most unruly girl in Penguin Village arrives at the Q Posket collection of Banpresto! Here we have the awaited Q Posket figure of Arale Norimaki, the protagonist of the famous manga Dr. Slump created by Akira Toriyama! Arale is an android with human form built by a scientist named Senbei Norimaki. Despite his superhuman strength, Arale has a childish mentality and is also a bit myopic, so she must wear glasses. Her curiosity and her desire to make friends always end up making her get into trouble and for that Senbei spends a lot of time trying to convince the other citizens of Penguin Village that Arale is not more than the typical thirteen-year-old girl. This character created by the father of Dragon Ball has come to share adventures with Goku himself. Her cameos in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Super have been some of the most crazy episodes in the history of manga and anime!

This Q Posket figure is made of high quality PVC and measures 14 centimeters high, approximately. Arale appears with her characteristic winged cap and her glasses. She has long purple hair. She dress in a jeans jumpsuit, socks and sneakers. If it weren't for we know that it is a super powerful android we would think that she's a small girl. Arale appears waving with his right hand while keeping the other hand inside his cloth. It's a pose as fun as adorable. The figure includes its own support base. This figure is an official and licensed product of Dr. Slump and has been manufactured by Banpresto within its Q Posket line.

Arale is looking forward to joining your collection! Hurry up before Senbei finds out and get the great Arale Norimaki Figure Dr. Slump Q Posket offered by Banpresto!

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