Baby 5 One Piece - Girls Selection Vol. 3 - Styling Figure

Baby 5 One Piece - Girls Selection Vol. 3 - Styling Figure

The Girls Selection collection of Bandai/Tamashii brings us the most warrior girls of One Piece! Evidently, Baby 5 could not miss among them. This is the old murderous maid of the Donquixote Pirates. Like Luffy, the protagonist of One Piece, Baby 5 ate a Devil Fruit and acquired fabulous powers. In particular, after eating the Fruit Buki Buki discovered that he could turn his body into any type of weapon, be it pistols or swords. When he was part of the Donquixote Pirates, Baby 5 had a great resentment towards Donquixote Doflamingo for killing nothing more and nothing less than her eight previous boyfriends. It's not unusual for her to end up betraying him. But the accounts between them have not yet been settled! Will we see a new confrontation between this villain and Baby 5? Currently, Baby 5 is married to Sai, the thirteenth leader of the pirates of the Hapoo Navy, and is part of the Third Division of the Great Straw Hat Fleet, whose captains have sworn allegiance to Luffy. He has finally found a little happiness! In tribute to this unforgettable One Piece character, Bandai/Tamashii offers us this great figure from its Girls Selection collection.

The figure of Baby 5 is made of PVC and measures 14 centimeters in height. It shows us the character in her usual maid costume. She wears a cap on his head and an apron, both white. The right arm of Baby 5 is turned into a sword and is behind her. Look at her smiling expression. Baby 5 is a sexy girl plus a formidable warrior! The Girls Selection collection is an official One Piece product and we have other figures available, such as Perona.

You have an appointment with one of the most combative girls of Grand Line thanks to this Baby 5 One Piece Girls Selection Vol. 3 figure manufactured by Bandai/Tamashii!

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