Beanie The Legend of Zelda Triforce Bird

Beanie The Legend of Zelda Triforce Bird

The nights in the forests of Hyrule are very cold! You'd better wrap up with this great beanie inspired by The Legend of Zelda that Bioworld offers us! The combination of the colors green and gold always makes us think of the hero of the games in this saga: Link. Throughout his various incarnations, he has always ended up wearing a green tunic next to a pointy hat at some point. On the other hand, the golden color is the color of the Triforce, the mythical object left behind by the goddesses who created Hyrule as a symbol of their bond with men. Separated into three fragments (the Triforce of Wisdom, the Triforce of Courage and the Triforce of Power), it's said that he who manages to reunite them all will be able to realize all his desires. The Triforce has always been present in the games of the saga! Thinking of all the fans of the adventures of the hero of Hyrule, Bioworld has designed this hat with the image of the Triforce. Don't you think it's great?

This beanie is made with 100% green acrylic fabric, the same color that Link wears in his adventures. In the frontal part is an image of the three fragments of the Triforce above the extended wings of an eagle in flat embroidery. It's the symbol that represents the royal family of the Kingdom of Hyrule, in addition to the symbol that is associated with our hero, Link. It's the same symbol that appears in the famous Hylian Shield, for example. This product is an official license of The Legend of Zelda manufactured by Bioworld and meets all the quality criteria of Bioworld products.

This beanie The Legend of Zelda Triforce Bird manufactured by Bioworld is made for you!

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