Synopsis of Volume 20 of Boruto

In this exciting volume, Ada, a new resident of the Leaf Village, summons Sarada and Sumire for an intimate and mysterious girl-on-girl talk. The anticipation over the subject of their conversation arouses curiosity. Meanwhile, Kawaki, facing the disturbing presence of Momoshiki hiding in Boruto, is forced to make a risky and consequence-filled decision. This volume reaches a climax when a catastrophic event shakes the Village, centred on Boruto. This volume is full of surprises, tensions and dramatic twists and turns that promise to keep readers on their toes, exploring the complexity of the relationships between the characters and the challenges they face in this world of ninjas.

Continue exploring the shinobi world with Boruto Manga Volume 20 in its official Spanish edition of this exciting manga published by Planeta Cómic.

Details of Volume 20

Title: Boruto

Genre: Shonen

Author/s: Ukyo Kodachi, Mikio Ikemoto

Format: Trade paperback with dust jacket

Volume: 20

Pages: 216 in black and white

Publisher: Planeta Comic

Dimensions: 11 x 17.7 cm

Language: Spanish


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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations #20 Spanish Manga

Product details
  • License: Naruto
  • Made by: Planeta Cómic
  • Approximate size: 11 x 17,7 cm
  • GTIN: 9788411402170
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