Bowl One Piece Skull
Bowl One Piece Skull
Bowl One Piece Skull
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Monkey D. Luffy, the great protagonist of One Piece, is known for many things: for having eaten the Gomu Gomu fruit and having acquired elastic powers, for being the son of one of the most wanted criminals in the world, for being the founder and the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, for the fact that the reward for his capture has not stopped growing and for his facility to get into the most crazy problems. But he is also known for his insatiable appetite! Like many other protagonists of our favorite manga and animes, Luffy is a glutton. He loves food of all kinds and does not hesitate to steal it from his friends by stretching his arms under the table. If you are also like Luffy we have just what you are looking for: a fabulous bowl inspired by One Piece.

This bowl of ABYstyle is made of high quality porcelain. It is of standard size, with a diameter of 15 centimeters and a capacity of approximately 460 milliliters. The printing process with which it has been prepared makes it suitable for the dishwasher, so you will not need to wash it by hand to ensure its conservation. The outer face of the bowl is black and on it we find the emblem of Luffy and his boat, a skull with a straw hat and two crossbones behind. It's the symbol of the Straw Hat Pirates! Also it appears the name of the series and the silhouette of the Going Merry, the first boat of Luffy and his friends. Both the One Piece logo and the silhouette of the Going Merry are white, so they stand out with intensity on the background. For its part, the inside of the bowl is white.

Eat like a real pirate thanks to this One Piece Skull bowl made by ABYstyle!

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Bowl One Piece Skull

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