Death Eater Premium Notebook A5 Harry Potter

Death Eater Premium Notebook A5 Harry Potter

This new Premium notebook that Pyramid International offers us will be an ideal gift for any Harry Potter fan! Especially for the fans of the dark magic! The evil Death Eaters are the faithful servants of Lord Voldemort, the most powerful dark magician in history. As proof of their loyalty to the Dark Lord, they all have the Dark Mark tattooed on their left arm, the symbol of Voldemort. In this way, Lord Voldemort can use the Mark to summon his loyal servants when he needs them. It's enough for him to touch the arm of one of his Death Eaters so that the Mark of the others begins to warm up and burn the skin of others, warning them that the Dark Lord requires his presence. But the Death Eaters act in secret not to endanger their master's plans, so they cover their faces with sinister masks like the one on the cover of this book.

This fantastic Harry Potter notebook is 21 centimeters high by 15 centimeters wide, approximately. It's a notebook of size A5. Its covers are made of resistant materials of black color and in the front appears an image of the mask of a Death Eater. The text of the cover is written in relief. His appearance is spectacular! The notebook has a rubber to keep it closed and another to place a pencil or a pen, so that it is always ready to be used. This notebook is an official and licensed Harry Potter product and has been manufactured by Pyramid International.

Will you dare to summon the dark powers of the Death Eaters who serve Lord Voldemort? Get now with the great Death Eater Premium Notebook A5 Harry Potter that Pyramid International offers us!

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