Golden NES Cartridge Wallet Bifold The Legend Of Zelda
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In 1986 a game was launched for the NES that was destined to make history. The Legend of Zelda was an ambitious title in which the players could play the role of Link, a brave adventurer who travelled the mysterious kingdom of Hyrule to rescue the Princess Zelda from the clutches of the evil Ganon. For this he had to find the eight pieces of the Triforce and release its power. Edited in a golden cartridge to differentiate it from other titles for the console, the game was a gigantic success and gave rise to the birth of a whole series. There's no better way to remember the origins of The Legend of Zelda than this fantastic wallet model that Difuzed offers us! It's like the golden cartridge for the NES!

This impressive wallet is made of polyester and other completely synthetic materials. It measures approximately 11 centimeters long and 9 centimeters high (when it's closed). Its fabric is a bright golden color, which gives it a unique look. This wallet imitates the shape of the legendary golden cartridge of the first game of the saga for the NES and shows the classic image of the cover of the game, with the silver shield inside which appear two hearts, a key and a lion. The inside of the wallet is black. It has a purse and several spaces to put money and cards, including a transparent space for identity documents. This product is an official license of The Legend of Zelda and has been manufactured by Difuzed.

It's the tribute that deserves a classic as is the game that inaugurated the legendary saga of Link and Zelda! Get now the Golden NES Cartridge Wallet Bifold The Legend Of Zelda offered by Difuzed!

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Golden NES Cartridge Wallet Bifold The Legend Of Zelda

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