Golden Snitch Makeup Bag Harry Potter White

Golden Snitch Makeup Bag Harry Potter White

Everyone wants to catch the Golden Snitch, but it isn't an easy task! This is the fastest ball in the Quidditch game, the most popular sport among wizards and witches. With its long silver wings, which move at an amazing speed as if it were the wings of a hummingbird, the Golden Snitch can fly at great speed. In addition, it's capable of making closed turns in the air without the need to slow down. Although it doesn't have real intelligence and moves at random, so it doesn't actively try to prevent the Quidditch team's seeker from catching it, grabbing it is a challenge. That is why the position of seeker is always the most prestigious. Whoever catches the Golden Snitch will give 150 points to his team! Follow the steps of the most prestigious seeker in the history of Gryffindor, Harry Potter, and catch this precious makeup bag inspired by the legendary Golden Snitch!

This makeup bag is made of polyester and has a large interior space. It measures 18 centimeters long. It closes with a zipper with the shape of the Harry Potter logo. The bag is white and on one of its sides you can see the drawing of a Golden Snitch. The golden central sphere can be distinguished with its large silver wings unfolded. On the other side of the bag we find a logo with the initials HP and a small Golden Snitch spinning around it. This practical bag is ideal for any Quidditch fan to keep their most intimate hygiene and makeup products. It's an official Harry Potter license manufactured by Groovy.

Prove you're the best seeker on your team and catch the elusive Golden Snitch! This Golden Snitch Makeup Bag Harry Potter White manufactured by Groovy could be yours right now!

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