Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Framed 3D Lenticular Poster

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Framed 3D Lenticular Poster

Attention, fans of the videogame saga The Legend of Zelda! Pyramid International has prepared this impressive poster model with 3D effect of our hero! Here we have the Link version that appears in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess! In this installment of the saga for Nintendo Wii, our protagonist ended up trapped in the mysterious Kingdom of Twilight, a kind of dark version of the Kingdom of Hyrule. There he was transformed into a wolf and received the help of a strange girl named Midna to escape. To prevent the kingdom from being sunk forever in the darkness of twilight, Link had to recover the spirits of Hyrule's light!

This fantastic poster is 20 centimeters long by 26 centimeters high, approximately. It's a poster that is framed inside a black frame, so it's ready to hang on any wall. The color of its frame is appropriate to match any type of decoration, whether formal or informal. The central image of the poster shows us a spectacular image of Link equipped with the green attire that he is wearing in the game. He also carries his shield in his right hand and his sword in his left. After him we can see the image of his wolf shape, the transformation he uses throughout Twilight Princess. The official logo of The Legend of Zelda appears in the lower left corner of the image. It's an image with 3D effect, so try to look at it from different directions to enjoy the effect that simulates the three dimensions of Link. It will be like having the most important hero of the Kingdom of Hyrule in your room! This poster is an official and licensed product of The Legend of Zelda and it has been manufactured by Pyramid International.

Decorate your room with the most spectacular image of Link! Get now this great Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Framed 3D Lenticular Poster offered by Pyramid International!

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