Nami Figure One Piece Sweet Style Pirates

Nami Figure One Piece Sweet Style Pirates

The new line of One Piece figures from Banpresto is here! It's the fantastic Sweet Style Pirates line dedicated to the most brilliant girls of the veteran series created by Eiichiro Oda! We have to admit that, although characters like Luffy, Ace and Zoro capture much of the attention of the series, the cast of female characters of One Piece is not bad and may even deserve much greater presence. In addition to being experts in different subjects (Nami is an expert in climatology and navigation while Nico Robin is an archaeologist), the One Piece girls also have an unrepeatable combat style. Nami fights using a specially designed weapon called Clima-Tact, thanks to which she combines different air bubbles to generate effects that alter the climate. It's a unique way of fighting that takes advantage of her knowledge of climatology! But her style goes beyond the combats. Both her aesthetics and her way of dressing are also unique!

This great figure of Nami measures 23 centimeters in height and it's made of high quality PVC. Nami appears in shorts and a striped top. She wears her long red hair loose and on her head she wears the characteristic hat of one of his companions of the Straw Hat Pirates: Tony Tony Chopper's hat with its reindeer horns on the sides. Nami is shown in a confident and suggestive pose. It's possible that Nami is one of the best prepared pirates of the seven seas, but she's also one of the most beautiful! This figure is an official and licensed One Piece product and it has been manufactured by Banpresto within its Sweet Style Pirates line.

Get now this Nami Figure One Piece Sweet Style Pirates manufactured by Banpresto and enjoy the unique style of this unrepeatable pirate girl!

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