One Piece Wallet Trafalgar Law ABYstyle
One Piece Wallet Trafalgar Law ABYstyle
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  • License: One Piece
  • Made by: ABYstyle
  • Approximate size: 9,5 x 11 cms
  • SKU: MERCH04976

"Maybe Mister Straw Hat will be my enemy one day, but now I have to help him. It would be very painful if he ended up in this state... I'll help him get out of here, trust me with his care! I'm a doctor!" Trafalgar Law is one of our favorite One Piece characters. This ally of Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates is known as the Surgeon of Death. He has a cruel reputation that arouses the fear of other pirates, but in reality he's a faithful ally and friend. However, the power he received when eating the Ope Ope Fruit, a paramecia-type Devil Fruit similar to the one that gave his elastic powers to Luffy, made him a formidable adversary. Trafalgar Law has earned the admiration of One Piece fans! That's why ABYstyle offers us this wallet with the Jolly Roger of this character. It's the flag of the Heart Pirates!

This wonderful wallet is made of vinyl, so it's a durable object. It measures 11 centimeters long and 9.5 centimeters high and is black. In the front we find the symbol of the Heart Pirates, that is, the pirate flag of Trafalgar Law. This is a somewhat special Jolly Roger, since it doesn't show the typical skull on two crossbones but a smiling face surrounded by six projections. This symbol appears in orange. On the back, also in orange, appears the official One Piece logo. The inner part has a purse, as well as several spaces to deposit money and cards. Includes a transparent space to deposit identity documents. This product is an official One Piece license manufactured by ABYstyle and has all the quality of ABYstyle products.

Show your admiration for Trafalgar Law and his Heart Pirates by carrying their flag in your pocket! What are you waiting for to get this great One Piece Wallet Trafalgar Law ABYstyle made by ABYstyle?

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One Piece Wallet Trafalgar Law ABYstyle

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