Perona Code:B Figure One Piece Flag Diamond Ship

Perona Code:B Figure One Piece Flag Diamond Ship

The beautiful Perona from One Piece arrives at the Flag Diamond Ship line of figures from Banpresto! This line brings together some of the most beautiful girls of the veteran series created by Eiichiro Oda with a dress specially designed for the occasion! Perona was one of the main antagonists of Luffy and his friends during the Thriller Bark arc. Like Luffy, she also ate one of the Devil Fruits and got strange powers. After eating the Horo Horo Fruit, a fruit of the paramecia type like the Gomu Gomu Fruit that gave Luffy its elasticity, Perona received the strange power of summoning ghosts. Each time one of his ghosts crosses a person, it steals his willpower and leaves him without energy or motivation to continue fighting. Thanks to her ghosts and her appearance of "gothic lolita", Perona soon became a very beloved character for the fans. Now comes this great figure in which appears with the most peculiar sailor suit!

This fantastic figure is made of high quality PVC and measures approximately 25 centimeters high. Perona appears in a black sailor suit that reveals all her charms. She wears high black boots over pink socks. In her thighs you can see the color of the stockings and you can even see the cloth that holds them. Her outfit is completed with a short skirt, a sailor shirt with a large bow on the chest, long gloves and a small hat. Perona wears a belt with cartridges around her waist and a huge blunderbuss hanging on her back. This pink haired girl is as beautiful as dangerous! This figure is an official One Piece license and has been manufactured by Banpresto.

Join the crew of Flag Diamond Ship! What are you waiting for to get this beautiful Perona Code:B Figure One Piece Flag Diamond Ship manufactured by Banpresto?

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