Ram In The Summer Day Figure Re:Zero
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  • License: RE: Zero
  • Made by: Sega
  • Approximate size: 20 cms
  • SKU: FIG09075

Our friends from Sega invite us to spend a fantastic day at the beach with one of the most beautiful girls from Re:Zero anime! Would you like to accompany the beautiful Ram in her summer getaway? Although somewhat overshadowed by her twin sister Rem, Ram is one of most important female characters from Re:Zero. Like her sister, Ram belongs to the Oni clan and could manifest a demonic horn on her forehead that enhanced her strength and ability. However, a tragic event during her childhood led her to lose that horn. Even so, she's still very skilled with wind magic and also enjoys a very strange power: the Divine Protection of Clairvoyance, which allows her to see through the eyes of another person located miles away. However, she prefers to avoid combat and focus on meeting the needs of the Roswaal mansion where she works as a maid with her twin. Today the young Ram has left her maid outfit, has put on her swimsuit and is determined to enjoy summer on the seashore!

This figure is made of PVC and measures approximately 20 centimeters. In it we can see Ram dressed in a swimsuit and a dark blue shirt. You can see her pink hair and her intense red eyes. Ram walks wearing a pair of sandals that have a purple bow each. The young woman seems to be immersed in a conversation. What will she be talking about? This product is an official license of Re:Zero and has been manufactured by Sega.

Wouldn't you like to accompany Ram during his beach day? Get now the fantastic Ram In The Summer Figure Re:Zero that Sega offers us!

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Ram In The Summer Day Figure Re:Zero

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