Rani VIII Figure Fate/Extra Last Encore
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The Fate universe continues to expand thanks to the new collection of figures that Taito offers us! In Fate/Extra Last Encore, the new series set in the Fate universe, the confrontation between the Servants is not produced by the possession of the Holy Grail as in previous series, but by the discovery on the Moon of a computer capable of modifying the laws of physics known as Moon Cell Automaton. This mysterious Moon Cell Automaton is capable of granting any desire to whoever manages to dominate it, but before it must find the worthy person. The computer itself has brought together in a virtual world 128 Masters capable of summoning historical heroes and villains, the Servants, to fight on their behalf. Only one of these Masters can take control over the Moon Cell Automaton and fulfill his wish. Thus begins the new war between Servants and among its participants we find Rani VIII! She isn't a Master or a Servant, but something different: a homunculus, an artificial human being created by the alchemist Sialim Eltnam Rey-Atlasia. Rani VIII was created to be an artificial Master who could invoke his own Servants!

This figure is made of PVC and measures approximately 18 centimeters in height. Rani VIII appears in her student uniform, which consists of a hat and a black robe, a green handkerchief held by a brooch, a white dress, white gloves and purple socks. Rani VIII is wearing his gold-rimmed glasses. This figure is an official license of Fate/Extra Last Encore and has been manufactured by Taito.

The war for the control of the Moon Cell Automaton has an unexpected contender! Are you willing to discover what secrets she hides? Get now the fantastic Rani VIII Fogire Fate/Extra Last Encore that Taito offers us!

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Rani VIII Figure Fate/Extra Last Encore

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