Reaper Figma 393 Overwatch
Reaper Figma 393 Overwatch
Reaper Figma 393 Overwatch
Reaper Figma 393 Overwatch
Reaper Figma 393 Overwatch
Reaper Figma 393 Overwatch
Reaper Figma 393 Overwatch
Reaper Figma 393 Overwatch

"If it's alive, I can kill it." The man known as Reaper is an extremely prepared mercenary, as well as a relentless and ruthless killer responsible for carrying out terrorist attacks all over the world. Although he has fought in numerous armed conflicts, nobody knows what his true loyalty is. It's believed that his only motivation is to eliminate his former colleagues to consummate his long-awaited revenge. Reaper is one of the most popular heroes from Overwatch, the well-known online game designed by Blizzard. His power weapons, his ghostly ability to become immune to damage and his great speed make Reaper one of the most lethal characters in any game.

This fantastic Figma figure has been made of PVC and ABS of great quality and measures approximately 16 centimeters. It's a figure that has various articulation points that allow it to be placed in different poses. Reaper appears with his characteristic skin of the game, equipped with his characteristic white mask, his hood and his ammunition belt. Their main weapons, the Hellfire Shotguns, are included. Two optional parts are also included and can be attached to the shotguns to recreate the effect of Reaper's ultimate ability: Death Blossom, in which he turns on himself while shooting in all directions. Another circular piece with shadow effect can be placed under the character to simulate the use of his secondary ability: Shadow Step, through which Reaper becomes invisible and moves from one place to another like a ghost. The Figma of Reaper has nine different alternate hands, including open hands, closed hands to grab his weapons and hands making the thumbs down to threaten his enemies. The support base with articulated arm is also included. This product is an official Overwatch license and it has been manufactured by Good Smile Company.

Do you dare to challenge the power of Reaper? Get now the awesome Repaer Figma 393 Overwatch offered by Good Smile Company!

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Reaper Figma 393 Overwatch

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