Shenron Bust Bank Dragon Ball

Shenron Bust Bank Dragon Ball

Inspired by the dragons of Chinese mythology, the Dragon Shenron is one of the great symbols of Dragon Ball. The sacred dragon can only be invoked after collecting the dragon balls. The one who gets it can ask for a wish! This bank is inspired by this so special character created by Akira Toriyama.

This fantastic piggy bank is made of PVC and measures approximately 27 centimeters. Its design shows the Dragon Shenron rising through the clouds after being summoned by the seven dragon balls. The dragon balls can be seen in the bottom of the piggy bank. This bank is an official and licensed product of Dragon Ball and it has been manufactured by Plastoy.

It may not grant wishes but this piggy bank will look great in your room! Get now the Shenron Bust Bank Dragon Ball that Plastoy brings us!

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