Shu Tsukiyama Figure Tokyo Ghoul Color Tops

Shu Tsukiyama Figure Tokyo Ghoul Color Tops

"Live beautifully with your head held high, just like that rose you wear on your chest." Shū Tsukiyama is the infamous Gourmet Ghoul from District 20, one of the most elegant and sinister characters in the acclaimed Tokyo Ghoul series. Coming from a rich and influential family that has connections with the government of the nation, this character studies in the Social Sciences Department of Seinan Gakuin University. He was a member of the Ghoul Restaurant, a secret society of Ghouls with an exclusive membership that offered fights between humans whose loser was always served as a main course for the enjoyment of the attendees. When the restaurant was destroyed by Ken Kaneki and his allies, Shū began to become obsessed with the flesh and blood of our protagonist. Therefore, he decided to join Kaneki's group to get close to him. But do he really see him as a simple banquet or perhaps he have begun to consider him a true friend? Now McFarlane Toys offers us this incredible figure of this dark character from Tokyo Ghoul! It's spectacular!

This figure is made of PVC and measures approximately 18 centimeters. It has 15 points of articulation to place the character in a multitude of dynamic poses and includes several accessories options: the Kagune (tentacles) that appear on the back of the character can be removed at any time and we have two different heads (one with the mask of Ghoul on the face of the character and another without the mask) to choose. Shū Tsukiyama appears in the same purple suit he uses in the second season of Tokyo Ghoul. This product is an official license of Tokyo Ghoul manufactured by McFarlane Toys.

The Gourmet Ghoul has returned! Will you be able to let him satisfy his hunger? This Shū Tsukiyama Tokyo Ghoul Color Tops figure manufactured by McFarlane Toys is eager to join your collection!

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