Sweet Home Chii Bowl Abystyle

Sweet Home Chii Bowl Abystyle
Sweet Home Chii Bowl Abystyle
Sweet Home Chii Bowl Abystyle
Sweet Home Chii Bowl Abystyle

Surely you know Chi's Sweet Home, the tender manga by Kanata Konami. It tells the story of a kitten named Chi who separates from her mother and her brothers when she is very young. After much wandering the streets, it is finally adopted by a child and his mother. However, as animals are not allowed in their building, her new family will be involved in some other mess. This story also featured an adaptation to the anime a few years ago and left us all in love with the restless and curious Chi. Chi is a white and gray cat, with black stripes on her back. She has huge eyes and is easily distracted. She loves to pursue any small object that she sees moving and she is afraid of animals larger than herself, especially dogs. It is a beautiful little animal! If you are also a fan of Chi, this bowl of ABYstyle is just what you were looking for.

This bowl made of high quality porcelain has a standard size, with a diameter of 14 centimeters and a capacity of approximately 460 milliliters. It is an object suitable for the dishwasher, since the printing process by which it has been manufactured ensures that its illustrated exterior will not deteriorate. The inner side of the bowl is white. On the other hand, the outer face is white with two bands of light blue color, one in the upper part and one in the lower one. On this face appears both the logo of the series and several illustrations of Chi in the most adorable poses: jumping or looking at you with his big dark eyes. There are also some of his cat friends. Aren't they all very cute?

Have breakfast every morning with the cutest kitten thanks to this bowl of Chi's Sweet Home made by ABYstyle!

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