Vegetto SSJ Model Kit Dragon Ball Z Figure Rise Standard
Vegetto SSJ Model Kit Dragon Ball Z Figure Rise Standard
Vegetto SSJ Model Kit Dragon Ball Z Figure Rise Standard
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A new Dragon Ball Z model kit is coming! It's the impressive Vegetto SSJ Figure Rise Standard by Bandai! Vegetto, is the fusion that occurs between Goku and Vegeta using the Pothala earrings delivered by the Kaoi-shin gods. Do not confuse it with Gogeta, which is the fusion that these two characters perform using the well-known fusion dance. Vegetto first appears during the Dragon Ball Z Majin Boo Saga, although we have recently had the chance to see him again during the Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks Saga. Vegetto is a proud and arrogant Saiyan who likes to play with his enemies before showing them his true strength and fighting seriously. This fusion is extremely powerful, but the time that can be maintained is limited. This fantastic model kit allows you to assemble the parts of your own Vegetto transformed into Super Saiyan!

The parts of this model are made of PVC and require assembly (instructions are included). No glue or paint is needed, since all the pieces come pre-painted. Once mounted, the articulated figure is approximately 15 centimeters high. The character appears wearing his characteristic blue dress, with orange underwear and white gloves and boots. Being transformed into Super Saiyan, her hair appears yellow. Pothala earrings can be placed on your ears. Two alternative facial plates are included: a standard face and another face in which Vegetto appears screaming. Six alternative hands are also included for further customization. Finally, two pieces of PVC are included to create a small diorama in which Vegetto is launching an energy discharge against Majin Boo (the small figure of Majin Boo appears on a scale to simulate that the villain has been launched at a great distance). This figure is an official and licensed Dragon Ball Z product and has been manufactured by Bandai.

Complete your collection of Dragon Ball model kits! Get now the model kit Vegetto SSJ Figure Rise Standard Dragon Ball Z from Bandai!

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Vegetto SSJ Model Kit Dragon Ball Z Figure Rise Standard

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